Summer time recipes

The air is warmer, the days longer and the sun shines bright. Summer is finally here! Hot days bring a desire to cook on the grill. No one wants to be inside slaving over a hot oven. This is your one-stop article for great summertime recipes.

If you are hosting a summer get-together, then it’s a great time to make an easy no-fail delicious pulled pork. All you need is a bottle of your favorite bbq sauce, a pork roast, some slider rolls and a crockpot. Put a quarter of the bbq sauce on the bottom of the slow cooker, then add the pot roast and cover it with the rest of the sauce. Turn the crockpot on to high and cook for three to four hours depending upon the size of the roast. Once it’s finished, take two forks and pull apart the tender meat until the entire roast is shredded. Turn the slow cooker to warm and leave there until your guests arrive. Be sure to serve the pulled pork on little slider rolls. I like to add a quinoa salad made with quinoa, roast sweet potatoes, sauted purple onions, apple chunks, dried cranberries and a dressing of cider vinegar and olive oil. The salad is best served at room temperature. Serve with a vegetable salad and you have a simple and delicious summer meal to serve to your guests.

Of course, no summer cook out would be complete without beverages. Serve your guests beer and a scrumptious sangria. To make the sangria syrup, softly boil orange juice, lemon juice, whole cloves, mint leaves, a cinnamon stick and peppercorns until the juice is thickened into a syrup consistency. Cool the syrup and add to a bottle of cava with a few mint leaves. Serve over crushed ice and your guest will be raving about this sangria the rest of the evening.

You have delicious food and beverage, now all you need are guests for a wonderful summer night. Be sure to invite your landscaper, so she can appreciate your beautiful yard and delightful food.

Food and Drink Recipes #2

Self obsessed over craft cocktails or the latest food trend? If you are a foodie, or you just like to have a good time I have some great ideas for pairing food and drink recipes you should try.

Food and wine, or cocktail pairings can help you plan your menu for your next big event, once all the designing and limo rentals are done, it’s time to create a menu that will make your soiree one to remember.

Matching your food and drink recipes can be challenging so here are some simple ideas to help you get on the way to creating some amazing pairings.

Margaritas pair well with seafood dishes, the lemon and lime in a margarita makes a perfect companion for scallop ceviche or raw oysters. Margaritas also work well as a duo with cheesy nachos, cheese can help mellow some of the alcohol taste.

If grilling or smoking is your thing, try pairing it with an apple cider bourbon cocktail. The smokiness of barbeque is a perfect marriage with a quality bourbon. Bourbon is a great fit with brown sugar coated sweet potatoes as well, making that a great side dish for barbeque.

It you lean a bit spicy, you might want to look for look for a mojito or a rum runner, the citrus in these cocktails can balance out some of the spice with their tart flavors. A white wine cocktail can also pair well with a spicy dish.

But you can’t forget dessert! Dessert and cocktails can be tricky at times, but there are some ways you can make it work. For chocolate desserts like cake or mousse try mixing prosecco and an orange liquor, the citrus notes can enhance the flavor.

Be creative in your pairings, try new things, and most importantly enjoy! Cheers!

Masterpiece for Food and Drink Architectural Buildings

Food and drinks make the batter part of the human diet. This means that their areas of preparation also need to be given a concern and recognized. Even so, the buildings’ standards like the restaurants are to be of a good quality with all the architectural designs and advice taken into consideration. This is why flat – roofing becomes a concern in the business of food and drink. This technique is mainly involving having a roof which is fairly flat but with a slight slope to allow the rain water drain off the roof. The importance of having such flat roofs more so in the food and drink restaurant include: first, it is very much economic to build these restaurants considering the cash flow in the business and the importance of having profits. This means that that the restaurants’ owners can really and absolutely maximize the heights to the ceiling and floors. Seconds, this design of building a restaurant also encourages flexibility in terms of expansion. Ideally, business like the food and drink restaurant are ever expected to be developing, and expansion might be needed. In case this is realized, it would be much easy to have a similarly expanded space of the building. This is relatively cheap and also very essential as compared to other roofs which are complicated and expansion is made difficult.

Considering this type of roof also, they are durable and do not need constant repair. This follows the fact that they are not technical in designing in any way. Furthermore, when simple roofing system like the rubber or fiberglass roofs is used, then it becomes easy even to repair in cases of wearing out. Therefore, it is high time you considered this design in your upcoming business, more so when it is a food and drink restaurant or rest house. You will surely love it.